I never thought working with a designer would be so much fun but Bena has a way of making everything fun. Her professional opinions and knowlegde of function, style, and color and how she executed this project amazed me. From the management of the millwork team, the contractors, the vendors, all the ordering,tracking and delivery, there was no way I could of got this done and still kept my sanity without her. Bringing her on the team was beyond worth it.

Ellen S, Project Jeweltone


We knew we wanted modern design for our barndominium but Bena took our design vision to another level that my husband and I didn’t know the vision could go. She was able to take old and dated in New York and turn it into something that looks like we live in the Hollywood Hills. Incredible talent! Bena’s ability to just listen to us, the detail in her design questions, and her selections that were dead on to what we were looking for was impressive to say the least.  It’s incredibly challening to impress my husband but her seamless design process, the virtual 3D walkthrough of the new design to the amazing 3D renderings blew us away. We were so impressed that we had a family and friends viewing party for a second virtual walkthrough and family and friends were so impressed a few of them hired her. Bena’s client services skills were above and beyond. Always keeping us updated and having a back-up plan for the crazy situations that arose. Forever grateful!

Diane F, Project Rye


Having three boys and their friends running around our home for years, all my design visions were crushed but now all grown up and out the house, it’s my time. I wanted white but still warm, bright, airy, with lots of glam done tastefully. We wanted not only an amazing designer but a designer that we could build a great relationship with because we knew it would be a long process and wanted someone that would make the process a little smoother. From our first phone conversation I knew Bena was the one and she did not disappoint. Her genuine smile, laughter and her ability to give absolute clarity on every step of the design process was key for us. From her design process clearly outlined to her weekly project status updates to her beautifully detailed design presentations, we were never out of the loop and always knew what was going on.  The thoughtful questions about our daily operations in the home to ensure that she was designing a functional space for us, I was and still am beyond impressed and now it’s time for her to design our vacation home. She is never leaving us!

Soledad G, Project Greenwich


I found Bena on Instagram soon after going through a lengthly, trying divorce and I wanted more than ever a fresh start. I sent her a DM and the rest is history. I had so many pinterest boards of different styles that I already confused myself, but in our first design meeting she said to me “let’s forget about how you want it to look for a minute and tell me how you want to feel” and that’s how we nailed the design. I said when I walk into the bathroom every single morning, I want to feel elegant. That’s exactly what Bena gave me, an elegant master suite. The design process was so detailed but yet so easy to follow, make decisions and just get things done. Bena is a pleasure to work with and I can’t recommend enough.

Jessica H, Project Northbrook