Bena’s personality is just as beautiful as her work! Choosing her as our designer was one of the best decisions we have ever made.

Soledad G, Project Greenwich

2020 was the year that the age old saying “ There’s no place like home” resonated with EVERYONE!

Welcome to my world of design. I’m Bena Langford, owner and principal designer at Studio Lang New York, Brooklyn based Interior Design professional and Certified Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association serving amazing clients like you nationwide.  After 15 years in the health care sector, way before the Coronavirus pandemic, I saw the need for comfortable, functional living. Working in healthcare I discovered that a key factor of recovery was having a comfortable, functional space for optimal wellness and recovery. I fell in love with design even more. Wellness and function with style is our motto here at Studio Lang New York. Sophisticated Kitchens, Elegant Bathrooms and Tailored residences to fit you and your families current and future wants, needs, and desires, are always at the top of my to do list. Designing homes that feel as if  you’re at a luxury resort. Post-pandemic, homes have now become retreats instead of just a basic necessity. I’ve spent every weekend of the last five years on a retail showroom floor designing hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms, Covid hit, part timers were laid off and Studio Lang New York was born. I’ve dedicated myself to learning this craft by obtaining the necessary certifications and my education continues. The more I know, the more I can do for you. Through my design process I’m here to show you that you never have to sacrifice style for function. A process designed to make you feel more as if you are strolling through a luxury department store, rather than a roller coaster at an amusement park.

I am always eager to dress up a room, even if it’s a room full of neutrals. Always expect me to pick a bold choice and you are free to tell me NO. My design style is flashy, but classy whether it’s modern or traditional. I love working with different design styles and adding custom cabinetry, luxurious fixtures and finishes, gorgeous textures, and prints that make a statement .My favorite, lighting that can take a space out of this world. I believe in design that makes a statement but also keeps it timeless.

Being in healthcare for much of my adult life I’ve brought  professionalism, compassion, excellent communication skills, structure, and intense organization to not only how I approach my clients projects, but how I build genuine long term relationships with my clients as well. My healthcare career was also where I landed my first clients, my colleagues  who entrusted me to take control of their homes and I am forever grateful.

When I’m not deep into designing, you can find me trying desperately to communicate with my teenager,  indulging in a great read, stalking my nearest design centers, and the occasional Broadway show (Pre-COVID). Update: BROADWAY IS BACK!